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Located in Cabbagetown, Zakkushi is the place to go for yakitori in Toronto. Originating from Vancouver, Zakkushi opened up nearly two years ago and is still as popular as ever. Reservations are a must for weekend visits or expect to wait.

Victor Restaurant + Bar

After nine years, Victor Restaurant + Bar’s Executive Chef and partner, David Chrystian has decided to focus on his most important role: being a father. He had quite the success at the restaurant and was even a Top Chef Canada season 2 finalist. But have no fear, the restaurant is left in great hands with Chef Lanny MacLeod taking over the reins.

DaiLo and LoPan

After Niagara St. Café closed in 2012, Chef Nick Liu (@Ninjachefnick) held a series of Asian-inspired pop-ups which generated a ton of buzz. It seemed everyone was anxiously waiting for his restaurant to open. It may have taken a few years but DaiLo (@DaiLoTO), Chinese for “big brother” or “big boss”, finally opened last summer.


Pai (@PaiToronto) is the newest addition to the Regular’s growing family of Thai restaurants. It joins Sukhothai (three of them!) and the tapas-style Sabai Sabai.


After going for Peking duck over the Christmas holidays a few years ago, it’s become a bit of a tradition. During our most recent holidays, we decided to check out Dayali, a popular Peking duck chain from Beijing.