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With the introduction of La Boulange pastries, Starbucks will be transforming their pastry cases across Canada this spring. The transformation is the product of a partnership between Starbucks and La Boulange, an iconic San Francisco pastry shop founded by renowned French chef, baker and cookbook author Pascal Rigo.

Born in Bordeaux, France, Pascal was introduced to the craft of French baking at a young age. It clearly had a strong influence on his life as he worked in Paris and Bordeaux for reputable bakers before becoming a certified baker himself. In 1995, he moved to California and the rest is history. La Boulange now has over 20 cafes across Bay Area. They pride themselves on making all their traditional pastries and baked goods from scratch, using simple and fresh ingredients.


With the same philosophy, Pascal has worked with Starbucks to offer authentic, French-inspired pastries with high quality ingredients. Think real butter and single origin chocolate!

La Boulange products were successfully launched in stores across the US in 2013. This spring, it will be Canada’s turn to get a taste of these delicious pastries. In early March, the pastries will begin to roll out in British Columbia and Ontario, which make up over 70% of Canada Starbucks locations. The roll out will continue into Quebec and Atlantic locations at the end of March with the remaining provinces in June.

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a tasting of the new items and meet Pascal. He took us on a culinary tour and shared his thoughts and philosophy. It was a wonderful experience and I’m so excited to share with you what you can expect from Starbucks in the coming months:

Butter Croissant Made with 100% real butter! These golden beauties are crunchy on top with soft and flakey layers.

La Boulange Croissants

Chocolate Croissant The same incredible all-butter pastry filled with single-origin chocolate batons. Served warm, these chocolate croissants were one of my favourite La Boulange items!

La Boulange Chocolate Croissants

Almond Danish You can’t go wrong with this all-butter pastry base. Filled with a sweet almond filling and toasted sliced almonds, it’s an almond-lover’s dream.

Almond Danish

Cheese Danish I loved their take on the traditional cheese danish. Ridiculously flakey croissant dough is filled with reduced-fat cream cheese. Sure, it’s reduced fat cream cheese but you wouldn’t know the difference. Just as creamy and decadent but without all the calories!

La Boulange Cheese Danish

Flourless Chocolate Cookie – I’m normally not a fan of gluten-free products but these melt-in-your-mouth cookies were an exception.

La Boulange Flourless Chocolate  Cookie

Double Chocolate Brownie – Made with chunks of premium chocolate and rich cocoa, this is another rich and decadent treat. They don’t skimp on the chocolate chunks and the brownie itself is wonderfully moist. You’ll definitely be licking your fingers after one of these bad boys.

La Boulange Double Chocolate Brownie

Drooling yet? Look out for these La Boulange pastries in the spring at your local Starbucks!

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