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If you’re walking down King West, I’m sure you’ve noticed those two giant yellow doors located just west of Spadina. Behind those eye-catching doors is Weslodge (@Weslodge), a modern saloon brought to us by Charles Khabouth and Hanif Harji.

The owners are well known in the city and have been rapidly expanding their restaurant and club empire which includes Patria, La Société and Uniun to name a few, as well as Byblos which opened just last month.

The interior

Like all of their restaurants, they certainly don’t skimp on the décor. The space features a gorgeous bar, soaring ceilings, dark tufted banquettes and beautiful pendant lighting.

The interior

In the kitchen, you’ll find Executive Chef Stuart Cameron (@chef_stucameron), who is also the Executive Chef at Patria and Byblos, and Chef de Cuisine Kanida Chey. They’ve created a tasty sounding menu with items such as stuffed sea bass and orange cider braised short ribs but they’re things I’ll have to try on my next visit. Last week I attended a media preview to check out the newest addition to their offerings, The Cutting Board. This family-style meat platter is priced at $29/person (with a minimum of 2 people). It’s offered on Sundays and Mondays after 5pm and the items on the board will evolve with the seasons.


Before diving into the Cutting Board, we started off with a Barrel Aged Negroni – Bombay Sapphire gin, Campari, sweet vermouth blend & orange oil aged in American Oak. With a rich bitter grapefruit & deep toasted orange peel with a subtle spiced vanilla oak finish.

Barrel Aged Negroni

To whet our appetite, we were served the Scotch Egg – with chorizo, tomato jam & black truffle. It had a nice crispy fried chorizo exterior and the soft yolk was cooked wonderfully. I loved the addition of the tomato jam which added a nice sweetness to it all – it was the perfect bite!

Scotch Egg

Next up was what we all came here for, The Cutting Board – crispy hen, lamb ribs, duck sausage, dry aged ribeye, pulled pork, Cuban slaw, baked pasta & jalapeno biscuits. Just look at this gorgeous platter – it’s a meat-lover’s dream! Each component is thoughtfully prepared. The crisp hen is marinated for a day in bourbon and cayenne pepper and subsequently cooked sous-vide to make it tender and juicy before popping it into the fryer with a buttermilk batter.

The Cutting Board

The lamb ribs are rubbed in a coffee-bourbon mixture and slow roasted overnight. The delicious rib eye is dry-aged for a minimum of 38 days. The pork shoulder is marinated adobo-style and the duck sausages are their interpretation of a German wurst sausage.

The Cutting Board

While the meat was the star of the show, the sides were also fantastic. My personal favourite was the Cuban slaw which consisted of apples, carrots and jicama. It was nicely balanced with just the right amount of sweet and sour – a very refreshing salad which was much needed in between bites of meat.

While the $29/person price tag for the Cutting Board may seem a little high, it’s quite the experience and I loved the variety of items that came with it. What I also enjoyed was the fact that it came with a slaw, biscuits and baked pasta which made it a complete meal.

The Cutting Board

We also sampled some additional sides that don’t come with the platter. The first side dish that I sampled was the Charred Brussels Sprouts – with house bacon. Absolutely no complaints – with a classic pairing like this, it’s very hard to go wrong!

Charred Brussels Sprouts

The other side dish we tried was the Herb Spatzle – with wild mushrooms & lamb bacon . I could not stop eating this and I’m pretty sure I had more than my fair share. I loved the chewy spatzle and the addition of the lamb bacon really went a long way. If you’re looking for a side to order, I highly recommend this.

Herb Spatzle

To finish off the meal, we had the Instant Cake – chocolate mousse, olive oil pudding & raspberry. The dessert consisted of a cylinder of light and airy mousse that was coated in a hard chocolate shell. I loved the mousse which was incredibly light and not overly sweet. The hard chocolate shell was a nice touch as it added a nice crunch. It was the perfect ending!

Instant Cake

Needless to say, I was quite impressed by my meal at Weslodge. It’s a King West spot worth checking out. Just look out for the giant yellow doors!

*This was a complimentary meal. The opinions in the post, as always, are my own.*

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