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It’s All GRK (@ItsallGrk) first opened last fall on Queen West, next to Trinity Bellwoods. They must have had quite the success given that they’ve recently opened up a second location in the Annex with a third on its way.

It’s All GRK

This casual Greek spot has a bit of seating available – several high top tables and stools. But I imagine it gets pretty packed during peak hours so you may have to take your purchase to-go. It’s a cozy little space with white walls and a featured display on the wall highlighting Greek products.

The interior

The menu is simple – there are four different proteins (pork, chicken, beefteki and chicken souvlaki). Each of the proteins are available in the following formats: gyros (wrapped in a pita), piatos (open-faced with fries, tzatziki, red onion, cabbage, tomato & pita), dinner platter (potatoes, rice, pita, tzatziki, tomato & side salad) and salad. The prices range from $6.25 for a pork gyro to $17.99 for a souvlaki dinner.  You can also opt to get souvlaki sticks on their own for $3.75.

The Menu

Mike and I stopped by in the late afternoon to grab a snack so we shared the Pork Gyro Dinner – with potatoes forno, rice, pita, tzatziki, tomatoes and side salad ($14.99). Just look at the size of this platter! We definitely didn’t need dinner after this.

Pork Gyro Dinner

I typically don’t expect much in terms of presentation for fast food-type restaurants so I was impressed by the presentation of the platter. They don’t say you eat with your eyes first for no reason.

The pork meat, fresh from the vertical spit, was really, really delicious. The meat is on the fatty side but that’s what keeps it wonderfully juicy and tender. The meat was seasoned well and I loved that our platter had nice crispy bits mixed into it. The rice was fluffy and was much needed to offset the flavourful meat. Oh, and that tzatziki…loved it.

Pork Gyro Dinner

If we knew the platter was going to be so monstrous, I think we would’ve skipped the Feta Fries ($4.50). Finishing the enormous platter of fries would be a feat of its own. The fries themselves were pretty solid (although I would’ve liked them just a touch crispier) and they really don’t skimp on the feta. It might not look like a lot from the picture but there was a good amount of it sitting underneath the pile of fries.

Feta Fries

There’s a reason why they’re opening up two other locations. Their Greek food is top notch – you won’t find any dry food-court style Greek food here!

At a glance:
• Serving up fast, casual Greek food next to Trinity Bellwoods
• Recently opened up a second location in the Annex with a third location on its way
• Simple menu featuring 4 protein types: pork, chicken, beefteki & chicken souvlaki available in 4 formats: gyros, piatos, dinner platters and salads
• Prices range from $6.25 for a pork gyro to $17.99 for a souvlaki dinner
• Loved the pork gyros dinner platter
• A small amount of seating on high top tables

Ratings (out of 5):
• Food: 4.5 stars
• Service: 3 stars
• Atmosphere: 3 stars

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  1. TheJmoney (Reply) on Monday 31, 2014

    I saw a friend post pics of this spot just yesterday saying he really enjoyed it. The food looks outstanding.

    • Jess (Reply) on Monday 31, 2014

      It was delicious. I’m a big fan!