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Starting out as a pop-up, Eating House (@eating_house) now has a home of its own in Coral Gables. Located in a non-descript building with no signage, you’d have trouble finding this place if it weren’t for the huge line snaking around it.

Eating House

They take reservations (even for brunch) so take advantage of it or you’ll be waiting in line with everyone else. With such rave reviews and people clamouring to snag a seat in the restaurant, expectations were certainly high.

The man in the kitchen is chef Giorgio Rapicavoli who has a James Beard nomination under his belt – Rising Star Chef semi-finalist 2013. Quite impressive for someone who’s only 27!

The brunch menu

Eating House serves lunch and dinner but Mike and I dropped by for brunch (served on Sundays). The brunch menu consists of an eclectic mix of items including a ceviche, pecan pie waffles, carbonara eggs benedict and their famous Cap’n Crunch pancakes.


Mike ordered a coffee but I went with a Tang Mimosa – orange tang & sparkling wine ($5). It tastes exactly how you’d expect – good!

A Tang Mimosa

The first dish to arrive was the “BK Hash Browns” – with oven-roasted ketchup ($6). Instead of large hash browns you typically get at fast food joints, these ones are bite-sized. Bite-sized is definitely the way to go in my mind – a lot more crunch! While they were ridiculously addictive on their own, they were served with a delicious oven-roasted ketchup which I could eat with everything.

BK Hash Browns

We also shared the Candied Applewood Smoked Bacon – with brown sugar ($6). Best. Thing. Ever. We inhaled these caramelized slices of sticky, chewy bacon. What’s not to love?

Candied Applewood Smoked Bacon

We couldn’t resist ordering the Chicken & Waffles – fried chicken breast, foie gras waffles, candied bacon, maple & hot ranch ($16). I was shocked at how much I enjoyed the fried chicken even though it was chicken breast. It had a nice crisp exterior and was incredibly moist inside. I particularly enjoyed the addition of the spicy ranch which helped offset the sweetness of the maple syrup.

Chicken & Waffles

While the fried chicken was killer, the foie gras waffles were a bit of a disappointment as we couldn’t really detect the foie gras in them.

While deciding on a sweet dish, we decided to forgo the Cap’n Crunch pancakes and went with the Cuban Bread Torrejas – with guava/iron beer syrup, whipped cream cheese & maria cookie sugar ($12) instead. Absolutely no regrets! Be warned though, it’s a very sweet dish… but nothing a cup of coffee can’t help.

Cuban Bread Torrejas

The dish, which our server described as Cuban French toast, consisted of four thick-cut slices of Cuban bread covered in a generous amount of syrup and whipped cream cheese. Quite the tasty concoction! I loved the texture of the bread which was soft and spongy yet still had a nice chew to it.

Overall, we had a fantastic brunch at Eating House. Sure, service could have been a bit friendlier (our server made us feel quite rushed throughout the meal) but the food speaks for itself. I’ll definitely be back to check out their dinner service!

At a glance:
• James Beard nomination for Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli – Rising Star Chef semi-finalist 2013
• Originally started off as a pop-up; now a permanent location in Coral Gables
• Takes reservations; walk-ins are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis
• Brunch menu is an eclectic mix of items
• Loved what their brunch had to offer

Ratings (out of 5):
• Food: 4 stars
• Service: 2 stars
• Atmosphere: 3 stars

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