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After being asked to host the Toronto edition of Hashcapades (@Hashcapades), the first place that came to mind was Delux (@DeluxRestaurant). It had been a few years since I’ve been back to Delux and after this visit I definitely won’t be waiting that long again to go back!

The interior

Delux, located on the trendy Ossington strip, serves up Cuban cuisine. It might not look very big on the outside but they can actually accommodate a large crowd – they have a large room in the back for additional seating.


To warm up, I started off with a Café Con Leche ($4) which is the Cuban version of a latte. Super tasty!

Cafe Con Leche

Aside from the hash, there is always one thing you MUST order from Delux – their amazing Donuts ($6). These Timbit-sized donuts have a wonderfully crisp exterior with a moist and fluffy interior. Covered in a generous coating of sugar, these little donuts are bites of heaven.


Now, let’s talk about the hash. Delux’s version is a Duck Confit Picadillo Hash – with tostones and two sunny side up eggs ($13). I don’t know about you but the first time I was here, I was sold after reading “duck confit.”

Duck Confit Picadillo Hash

In the hash, you’ll find red peppers, raisins, capers, olives, chunky potatoes and of course, pieces of duck confit. The flavour combinations worked together perfectly and I particularly enjoyed the addition of the raisins which added a nice sweetness to the dish. There isn’t a ton of duck in the dish but hey, the dish is only $13!

The hash was served with two tasty tostones (smashed, flattened and fried plantains) and black bean rice. For someone who doesn’t like black beans, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the rice. Mixed in with the saucy hash, the dish was perfection. Easily one of my favourite hashes in the city!

Duck Confit Picadillo Hash

We also ordered one of the specials of the day, the Chorizo Empanada – with poached eggs ($13). It wasn’t a traditional empanada but boy was it delicious. I loved the flakey pastry which encased a mixture of chorizo which was packed full of flavour. The dish came with a perfectly poached egg and the same delicious black bean rice which came with the hash.

Chorizo Empanada

Needless to say, we had another amazing experience at Delux. It was just as good as I had remembered. Their brunch is underrated so if you’re looking for something a little different, Delux is a must!

At a glance:
• Serving up Cuban fare on Ossington (between Queen and Dundas)
• Brunch is served on weekends from 10:30am to 3pm
• One of the most underrated brunch spots in the city
• Must orders: the donuts and duck confit picadillo hash

Ratings (out of 5):
• Food: 5 stars
• Service: 4 stars
• Atmosphere: 4 stars

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