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Since opening up this past summer, Cafe Bar Pasta (@CAFEBARPASTA) has been serving up delicious house-made pasta dishes. With head chef Jay Scaife (@chefjayscaife) in the kitchen and a fantastic selection of wines on tap, this restaurant is a wonderful addition to the Brockton Village neighborhood.

The interior

The restaurant, located on Dundas (one block west of Dufferin) is brought to you by Tom Bielecki and Christine Vieria, a husband-and-wife team. They’ve designed a great space which features light brick walls and a whimsical red ribbon design which wraps the room.

The impressive pasta machine

While it’s a casual restaurant, it has a very warm and cozy atmosphere which would make for a nice date night. They also have a lovely wine room in the basement for private dining.

The wine room

As I’ve already mentioned, one thing that I love about Cafe Bar Pasta is their selection of Ontario wine on tap – a bubbly, three whites, three reds and a rose which you can purchase in the following increments: 3oz, 5oz, 8oz, ½ litre or 1 litre.

The bar

Cafe Bar Pasta’s menu is divided into several sections – “First Taste” (aka appetizers ranging from $8 to $15), “Second Taste” (classic pastas ranging from $16 to $22) and “Created Taste” (including dishes like roast lamb and whole roasted branzino ranging from $22 to $28).

Last week, I attended Cafe Bar Pasta’s media night and was treated to an evening of delicious food and great drinks. Here’s a take a look at what we sampled:

Meatballs – with passata + parmesan


Parsnip Soup – with manchego, lemon & herbed crumb.

Parsnip Soup

Tuna Tataki – with a grapefruit chili marinade & lemon aioli

Tuna Tataki

Two Tartar – orata tartar, citrus, frisee, puffed caper ostrich tartar, grainy mustard, toasted walnut & wild boar crisp

Two Tartar

During the evening, we were also treated to a performance in the kitchen by Jay Scaife (head chef) and Eddie Vargas (sous chef) who prepared four different pastas for us to try. While I enjoyed all the hors d’oeuvres, the pasta dishes definitely stole the show.

The Chefs hard at work

First up was the Bucatini Amatriciana. I’m a big fan of bucatini – essentially a thicker spaghetti noodle that’s hollow inside which allows for a more hearty coating of pasta sauce. The bucatini was served with a simple tomato sauce with guanciale. When you’ve got great ingredients, simplicity really allows them to shine. Absolutely delicious!

Bucatini Amatriciana

The second pasta dish was the Rigatoni – with shredded duck leg, five spice corn crème & chantrelles. It consisted of some of my favourite ingredients – I loved the tender pieces of duck leg and the chanterelle mushrooms which gave it a wonderful earthiness.


The richest pasta we were served was the Ravioli – with braised short rib, white truffle, bone marrow, parsley & burnt orange. After placing a little orange zest on the ravioli, they were finished off with a little blow torching. The plump pieces of stuffed pasta were filled with tasty, tender shredded ribs.


The last pasta dish we sampled was the Tagliatelle Carbonara, my favourite of the evening. While spaghetti is traditionally served with a carbonara sauce, I’m glad they used tagliatelle instead since I’m a big fan of thicker pastas. This one was cooked perfectly and had a wonderful chew to it. Chef Jay prepared the sauce to order while we were all drooling over its aroma.

Tagliatelle Carbonara

Dessert was served in the basement of the restaurant which houses the wine room and pasta drying room. If you’re ever looking for a private dining space, this room may just be what you’re looking for. While it’s not a huge space, it has a very intimate feel and being surrounded by a wall of wine only adds to the atmosphere.

Time for dessert!

Here’s a look at the desserts:

Salted Chocolate Truffles

Salted Chocolate Truffles

Cheese Danishes

Cheese Danishes

Pumpkin White Chocolate Cheesecake 

Pumpkin White Chocolate Cheesecake

Overall, I had a great experience at Cafe Bar Pasta. I don’t know about you but for me, there’s something incredibly comforting about a bowl of fresh pasta. I had high expectations for the pasta here and wasn’t disappointed!

*This was a complimentary meal. The opinions in the post are my own.*

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