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To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of TUM (Toronto Underground Market) this coming Saturday, September 28th, Hot Bunzz (@HotBunzzTO) collaborated with a few other TUM alumni to create a new #TUMAlum collection of buns.

Hot Bunzz

Serving up Chinese-style filled buns, Hot Bunzz started off as a pop-up at TUM and other events. Like many others who started out at TUM like La Carnita, Rock Lobster and Fidel Gastro, Hot Bunzz now has a permanent home which opened earlier this year. You’ll find them inside Urban Bistro at Yonge and St Clair.

Making the buns

I was first introduced to Hot bunzz at the Field Trip Music Festival and was instantly impressed. Their buns don’t have the typical fillings you’d find in Chinese buns. Think bison short rib, Canadian elk, Brazilian beef…you get the idea!

The #TUMAlum Collection

Last week I was invited to preview the new Hot Bunzz #TUMAlum collection which is a collaboration between Hot Bunzz and other TUM alumni. Here’s a look at the collection which will be available at this Saturday’s TUM.

The B.L.T.O. – belly, lettuce, tomato, Olé which was created in collaboration with Fidel Gastro (@fidelgastros).

The B.L.T.O.

The bun was stuffed with crispy fried pork belly in a Clamato roux and topped with fresh tomato, lettuce, shaved parm and caramelized onion aioli. I didn’t exactly eat it with lady-like grace with the toppings falling all over my face, but I tell ya, it was worth the mess!

The B.L.T.O.

Molé Rojo – braised pulled chicken in molé rojo sauce and topped with Mexican crema, queso anejo and grilled pineapple salsa. This one just screams La Carnita (@la_carnita) with its Mexican inspired ingredients. With the tender chicken, sweetness from the pineapple and kick from the (optional) hot sauce, it was another hit!

The Molé Rojo

The Spiced Sailor Bun – fresh lobster and pears poached in Sailor Jerry’s rum mixed with sharp cheddar made in collaboration with Rock Lobster (@RockLobsterFood).

The Spiced Sailor Bun

As if there wasn’t enough lobster stuffed inside the bun, it was topped with more fresh lobster and lemon garlic aioli. While I enjoyed the two other buns, this was my favourite. Bet you can’t eat just one!

The Spiced Sailor Bun

If you can’t make it to this weekend’s TUM, drop by their Yonge/St Clair store and pick up some buns!

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