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It didn’t take long for the recently opened Oddseoul to become another hot spot in the city. Located on Ossington, this restaurant is owned by brothers Leeto and Leemo Han, who also brought us Swish by Han.

The interior

There’s no signage outside the restaurant so its easily missed. The space is narrow, with a long bar and mainly communal seating. It’s got a hipster, old-school vibe to it and makes for a great spot to grab a drink and a small bite to eat. Their food is perfect for sharing and would be perfect for a late night snack (they open until 2am Mondays through Saturdays).

The menu

We dropped by on a Saturday, shortly after 6pm when they open, and the place filled up quickly. The place isn’t huge, so expect to wait if you’re here during prime time.

We started off with the Squash Poutine ($7) which consisted of crispy cubes of fried squash covered in something that reminded me of Japanese curry.  All topped with bits of kimchi and a bit of mayo, it was one delicious mess.

Squash Poutine

Having heard so much about “The Loosey” ($5), we couldn’t leave without ordering one. It’s essentially a slider – with a short rib patty topped with kimchi, American cheese and pickles all sandwiched between toasted slices of challah bread. The Loosey definitely hit the spot. It actually reminded me of a Big Mac…but better!

“The Loosey”

Something that caught our eye was the Bulgogi Cheesesteak ($5), an equally good sandwich. The meat was nice and tender, the bun was soft and I loved the addition of the grainy mustard in it. It left us wanting more!

Bulgogi Cheesesteak

For something lighter, we ordered the Spicy Scallion & Avocado Slaw ($5). I was a little surprised when it arrived since I was expecting a slaw but it was more of a salad. Chunks of avocado sat on top of a small pile of greens. There were traces of chilis in the slaw which gave it a nice kick and I really enjoyed the sesame based dressing.

Spicy Scallion & Avocado Slaw

Lastly, we had the Beef Short Rib Ssäm Platter ($25). Other protein options include pork belly & shrimp, spicy chicken and spicy pork neck. The platter comes with a bucket of romaine and iceberg lettuce and the idea is to create a lettuce wrap with your protein.

Beef Short Rib Ssäm Platter

The short ribs, which were mixed with some stir-fried veggies, were tender and tasty. The wraps got pretty messy but the messier, the better right?

The platter also comes with a side of kimchi, condiments and some kimchi fried rice. The rice had a nice kick to it and was quite addictive. The platter and everything it comes with is pretty substantial and like everything else here, is perfect for sharing.

Kimchi Fried Rice

Overall, I had a great meal at Oddseoul. Great drinks and great food – I’ll definitely be back!

At a glance:
• Korean-inspired small plates which are perfect for sharing
• Most dishes around the $5 to $7 mark; Ssäm platters are $25 (feeds 2)
• Open Mondays to Saturdays from 6pm to 2am
• Mostly bar and communal seating
• Located on Ossington; no signage outside/easily missed

Ratings (out of 5):
• Food: 4 stars
• Service: 3 stars
• Atmosphere: 3 stars

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