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Located downtown, Ceviche 105 is home to some of the best ceviche in Miami. Peruvian food is hard to come by in Toronto so this restaurant was at the top of my list of places to visit.


Ceviche 105 (@CEVICHE105) is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. The restaurant was a lot bigger than I expected and is decorated in a clean, minimalist way – lots of concrete and plastic white chairs.

The interior

The menu is pretty extensive – with a long list of entradas (appetizers), ceviches of course, seafood, meat dishes and desserts. We dropped by for an early dinner and since we were still full from lunch we just opted for a few ceviches.

The interior

The ceviches are priced between $10.95 and $17.95 which may seem a little pricey but the portions are pretty substantial. They also offer a ceviche sampler for $50 which consists of four different ceviches (chosen by them).

Shortly after ordering, they gave us some complimentary Peruvian toasted corn kernels. They tasted like unpopped popcorn and were surprisingly addictive.

Peruvian Toasted Kernels

We started off with some drinks, the Pisco Sour – the classic and national drink of Peru made with Pisco 100, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, pasteurized egg whites andangostura bitters ($10). They can be made with lime or passion fruit so we ordered one of each. They’re tasty but much stronger than they sound and look.

The Passion Fruit Pisco Sour

The first dish that arrived was the Ceviche Anconero – with fresh aji limon ($12.95). I can’t comment on the authenticity of the ceviche but I really enjoyed this one. It consisted of bite-sized pieces of fresh fish and was very strong on the lime…but I like lime so no complaints from me! It was a simple ceviche which really let the fish shine.

Ceviche Anconero

Up next was the Ceviche Seafood Orgy – mixed, marinated, raw seafood swimming in Tiger Milk ($13.95). It was light, creamy and contained a lot of different textures – squid rings, onions, toasted corn kernels and shrimp. It had a good amount of acidity and a little bit of a kick to it. Another tasty ceviche! But given that it tasted so similar to the Anconero, I’d recommend trying one or the other.

Ceviche Seafood Orgy

The last ceviche we tried was the Ceviche Ganador ($17.95). It wasn’t listed on the menu but when we asked our server what ceviches she’d recommend, she told us about this one. Unlike the other two, this one was made with a red pepper sauce which was a nice change.

Ceviche Ganador

It consisted of fish, shrimp, squid rings and mussels – all quite fresh like the other ceviches we tried. It was packed full of flavour and was a definite hit.

Ceviche Ganador

Did Ceviche 105 live up to all its praise? You bet! I can’t say I’ve had better ceviche anywhere else.

At a glance:
• Located in downtown Miami
• Known for serving up the best ceviche in Miami
• Extensive menu of Peruvian food
• Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week

Ratings (out of 5):
• Food: 4 stars
• Service: 3 stars
• Atmosphere: 2 stars

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  1. Angie (Reply) on Thursday 28, 2013

    What a great post. Everything looks amazing Jess! (Especially the… uh… orgy!)

    • Jess (Reply) on Thursday 28, 2013

      Haha thanks Angie 🙂