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North of Brooklyn brings something to Toronto that’s really been lacking – delicious pizza sold by the slice. There aren’t very many options in the city if you’re looking for a pizza joint that doesn’t go by the name “Pizza Pizza.”

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria

This pizza joint is located on Palmerston, just north of Queen street. If you’re walking on Queen street, just look north on Palmerston and you won’t miss the huge sign on the side of the building.

The space isn’t huge but it’s more than sufficient for a pizza-by-the slice restaurant. There are a few tables and some stools, for those who want to eat in.

The interior

North of Brooklyn’s menu is quite limited, offering only 5 types of thin crust pizza – margherita, pepperoni, white, seasonal veg and puttanesca which range in price from $3.90 to $4.40 per slice. The pizzas are also offered by the pie which range from $18 to $22. They also serve garlic knots and an arugula salad if you’re interested in their non-pizza items.

The Menu

The first slice I bit into was the Margherita Slice ($3.90). While the crust was just so-so (granted, it’s not the same when the pizza isn’t fresh out of the oven), it was topped with a fresh and delicious tomato sauce. It’s a simple pizza that really lets the fresh ingredients shine.

A Margherita slice

The second slice I tried was the White Slice ($4.40). I rarely order white pizzas since I love tomato sauce but this was surprisingly delicious. The white pizza consisted of garlic, ricotta and was topped with some lightly dressed arugula which was placed on the pizza after it was warmed up. The dressing had a subtle lemon dressing which gave it a nice freshness. I loved every bite!

A White Slice

Last up was the special of the day, the Nduja Slice (I can’t remember the cost of this one, but I’m sure it was in line with the other slices) which consisted of nduja sausage, basil and a fresh arugula topping like the white slice. Again, it was another delicious slice of pizza! However, my favourite goes to the white slice.

An Ndjua Slice

Overall, I really enjoyed the pizza at North of Brooklyn. They’re really helping to fill a void in the city. Sure, the pizza isn’t quite as good as a fresh pie straight out of the oven from the likes of Libretto, but North of Brooklyn is the place to go if you’re just looking for pizza by the slice.

At a glance:
• Serving thin crust pizza by the slice
• A great spot to check out when you’re craving a slice of pizza
• Limited menu – margherita, pepperoni, white, seasonal veg & puttanesca
• Located on Palmerston, just north of Queen

Ratings (out of 5):
• Food: 4 stars
• Service: N/A
• Atmosphere: 2 stars

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