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Heading over to Tofino? Make sure you stop by Tacofino (@TacoFinoCantina) for their ridiculously good fish tacos! Located a short drive from the main strip in Tofino, the Tacofino truck can be found behind a pod of surf shops along the Pacific Rim Highway.


We arrived around 12:30 on a weekday and ended up waiting around half an hour before we were able to bite into our food. There are a few communal tables next to the truck so seating wasn’t an issue.

The Truck

Tacofino’s menu consists of burritos (including a vegan option), tacos, gringas (similar to a quesadilla), liquados (aka milkshakes) and freshies (aka slushies). If Tofino is a little too far of a trek for you, they also launched two other trucks which roam around Vancouver.

The menu

The first thing I bit into was the Fish Taco – tempura battered ling cod with chipotle mayo, shredded cabbage and salsa fresca on a fire toastd flour tortilla ($4.50). I really enjoyed the lightness and crispiness of the thin batter. The salsa tasted quite fresh and the fish was full of flavour. It was all served on a warm soft taco shell with a generous drizzle of chipotle mayo. I’ve had a lot of fish tacos and I can say this was one of the best I’ve had.

The Fish & Tuna Tacos

We were on the westcoast for seafood, so we also ordered the Tuna Taco – lightly seared sesame-soy albacore tuna with wasabi-ginger mayo, shredded cabbage, mango salsa and seaweed salad on a fire toasted flour tortilla ($6.50). I honestly can’t decide which one I enjoyed more. This was another huge hit for us. The tuna was moist, the addition of the seaweed added a nice texture to it and I really enjoyed the sweetness from the mango.

The Fish & Tuna Tacos

For something a little more substantial, we ordered the Fish Burrito – tempura ling cod with refried black beans, seasoned basmati rice, chipotle mayo, salsa fresco and shredded cabbage rolled in a warm 12” flour tortilla ($10).

The Fish Burrito

We wanted substantial, we certainly got it! The burrito was a meal in itself. It tasted similar to the fish taco but in burrito form. While I enjoyed it, I preferred the taco.

The Fish Burrito

We saw a lot of people leaving the truck with the Chocolate Diablo Cookie – chocolate cookie with fresh ginger and chili, milk chocolate chunks and salty sprinkles ($2.50).

The Chocolate Diablo Cookie

Served warm, it had a nice crisp exterior yet was soft on the inside. The name of the cookie makes it sound more intimidating than it actually tasted – it just had a little kick at the end of it and the ginger flavour was quite subtle.

The Chocolate Diablo Cookie

The food from Tacofino was certainly worth the half hour wait. I’d gladly do it again for those amazing fish tacos. If you’re ever in Tofino, don’t miss out!

At a glance:
• Located in Tofino; two other trucks roaming Vancouver
• The best fish/tuna tacos I’ve had
• Plenty of seating available next to the truck

Ratings (out of 5):
• Food: 4.5 stars
• Service: N/A
• Atmosphere: N/A

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