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Located conveniently near the St. Clair subway station, I was excited to give this new burger joint a try. Given the long schlep to Burger’s Priest, and the great reviews Holy Chuck has been getting, I was hoping this would be a nice alternative to Burger’s Priest.

Holy Chuck's menu

I’m glad Holy Chuck has plenty of seating, as the place started to fill up after we arrived. Their menu features outrageous, artery-clogging burgers. Some interesting options include “The Dirty Drunken Pig” – two pork patties, double bacon & topped with beer chocolate chili, “The Sixxy Cow” – six patties, six cheese and triple bacon and “The Grazer” – panko crusted deep-fried Portobello mushroom with feta & cream cheese, sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

They also have a challenge involving the “Go Chuck Yourself” burger – six patties, six cheese, triple bacon, caramelized onions & stacked between three grilled cheese sandwiches for $19.99. If you can eat this burger by yourself in under 6 minutes, you get your burger for free and they put a picture of you on their “Wall of Fame”. And for those of you who can’t complete the challenge, you’ll go on their “Wall of Shame.”

The Holy Chuck

After reading their extensive menu of outrageous burgers, I decided to go with The Holy Chuck – bacon double cheeseburger & caramelized onions ($9.99). This is their signature burger and it comes as is – no additional toppings allowed.

The patties were tender and flavourful. However, they were a touch on the salty side and left me incredibly thirsty for the next few hours. The burger was very greasy and after eating the burger, it left a shiny layer of grease all over my hands. Given how greasy the burger was, I found that the bun was a bit too soft. Despite this, I thought this was a pretty good burger.  As a side note, for $10, this wasn’t a very big burger…however given how greasy and intense it was, I felt like I had eaten a burger twice its size.

The Grind n' Shine

Mike went with The Grind N’ Shine – double bacon cheeseburger, caramelized onions, a fried egg & topped with crispy fries ($9.99). I found it odd that this was the same price as the Holy Chuck burger I ordered, since it was pretty much the same burger but it came with a fried egg and crispy fries. The fries were actually placed underneath the patty, so they were no longer crispy – they became quite soggy from all the grease.

With this burger, you’re allowed to add extra toppings – Mike added ketchup and pickles which are complimentary toppings. So how did this taste? Amazing. It must have been the fried egg and pickles which made all the difference. Even though this was almost the same burger I ordered, I enjoyed this burger a lot more. It was also really messy, with all the grease and egg yolk running down your hands. But that’s the sign of a good burger, right?

The Grind n' Shine

For all the burgers here, they have a variety of combo’s. We decided to add Regular Fries and a milkshake to a burger for an extra $7.99. Similar to their other menu items, this certainly wasn’t cheap! If you want a combo with Holy Chuck Fries with a milkshake, this will run you up an extra $9.99. The Holy Chuck fries come with bacon, double cheese and are topped with a beer chocolate chili. I thought about going for this, but after our heart-stopping burgers I figured we should probably just go with the regular fries.

The regular fries were of the thin variety and were crisp and seasoned well. Very addictive! I liked these fries a lot more than the disappointing ones at Burger’s Priest.

Regular fries

Holy Chuck has a nice selection of milkshakes (for $5.49) including peanut butter & jelly, strawberry cheesecake, reese’s pieces & banana, wasabi green onion & fresh ginger, nutella & salted caramel and bacon, fudge & sea salt. There was no doubt we were going with the Bacon, Fudge & Sea Salt Milkshake, since we both love bacon, fudge and sea salt. I love the salty and sweet combination and this milkshake was no exception.

The milkeshake was nice and thick, like a milkshake should be and had the perfect amount of salt. I loved the bits of salty bacon in the milkshake and overall it wasn’t overly sweet. This was definitely the highlight of my meal. These milkshakes are a must-order!

Overall, I had a great experience here. Sure, the prices are on the high side, but the burgers are pretty solid. Now, how does this compare to Burger’s Priest? I have to say I prefer the burgers from Burger’s Priest. However, Holy Chuck is certainly a nice alternative. And, if you’re looking for an amazing milkshake, this is where you’ve gotta go!

Bacon, Fudge & Sea Salt Milkshake

At a glance:
• Tasty, artery-clogging burgers
• Pricey – $10+ for the burgers
• Must order: Bacon, fudge & sea salt milkshake
• Plenty of seating
• Located at Yonge and St. Clair
• Closed Sundays

• Food: 4 stars
• Service: 3 stars
• Atmosphere: 3 stars

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  1. foodigatorJ (Reply) on Sunday 11, 2011

    I agree with you on how the burger was SO greasy, it was dripping as I was eating it. I don’t know about the milkshake though, heard so many good things about it and I had high expectations but it just wasn’t my thing. I think I prefer regular strawberry icecream milkshakes over them :p

    • Jess (Reply) on Sunday 11, 2011

      Yeah – the burger wasn’t too big and I finished it pretty easily… but I felt really gross afterwards! Too bad about the milkshake. I just love a good salty/sweet combination.

  2. Teena in Toronto (Reply) on Sunday 11, 2011

    I checked them out and wasn’t impressed 🙁

    • Jess (Reply) on Sunday 11, 2011

      Oh no 🙁 Sorry to hear that. I thought their burgers were pretty solid (but incredibly greasy). Hope you’re a fan of Burger’s Priest though. My favourite!

  3. Rob (Reply) on Sunday 11, 2011

    I had their signature burger “the Holy Chuck”. It looked really good, although small for the price. I was very disappointed, for $10 I was expecting something much better. The bacon was cold and rock hard, there was only a small amount of caramelized onions and not very tasty, it was also way to greasy (never thought I would say that). I also can’t believe they used process cheese and not actual cheddar. The only positive was the bun was soft and tasty. Will not be going there again 

    • Jess (Reply) on Sunday 11, 2011

      I agree, the prices were pretty steep for a burger. I don’t have an enormous appetite but I polished it off easily. I really enjoyed the Grind N’ Shine, which was basically the same as the “Holy Chuck” but with a fried egg. Even though it was almost the same burger, I liked the Grind N’ Shine a lot better!

  4. Amy L (Reply) on Sunday 11, 2011

    Whoa.. so many mixed reviews about this place. So is it good or not? Guess I really need to make a visit myself to find out eh.. 😉

  5. elizabethbalboa (Reply) on Sunday 11, 2011

    I went there the fry were treble the burgers were small and greasy and the bill was hi thank you but no thank you