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Located in Liberty Village, Mildred’s is a very modern and spacious restaurant, which is certainly a change from the kitschy brunch spots I normally hit up.

Scones with apple preserves

They have a nice patio and a large interior with high ceilings which gives it a lofty feel. We originally wanted to sit on the patio but all the tables were taken so we sat inside instead, where there were quite a few tables still free.

We started out with the Scones – “Hot out of the oven” black current scones served with apple preserves (two for $5 or six for $12). If you enjoy them, you can also get them to go. These scones had a bit of a crusty exterior with a soft, moist interior. I didn’t love the preserves, but the scone was delicious on its own – no need to hide behind the preserves! These are a must-order and certainly give the Drake Hotel a run for its money as the best scones in Toronto.

For my main, I went with my Veda’s Choice – Mildred’s classic poached eggs on a flakey croissant with smoked salmon, Béarnaise sauce & mixed greens ($14). Since the brunch menu isn’t very extensive, this was the obvious choice for me (eggs benny is my go-to brunch dish). Thankfully, it was a good choice!

Veda’s Choice - Mildred’s classic poached eggs on a flakey croissant with smoked salmon & Béarnaise sauce

The first thing I noticed was the flakiness of the croissant, which was the ideal vehicle for the perfectly poached eggs and smoked salmon. The béarnaise sauce was delicious and they were certainly generous with it. If you’re not a fan of smoked salmon, you have the option of ordering this with bacon instead. The dish also came with a side salad, which I didn’t eat very much of. I kind of wish it came with a side of potatoes instead… I don’t come to brunch to eat salad!

Mike ordered Mrs. Biederhof’s Infamous Light and Fluffy Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes – served with Lanark County maple syrup & whipped cream ($13). It came with three thick pancakes, which actually didn’t seem like very much. But after eating a scone and going through two pancakes, Mike hit a wall and had trouble finishing the last one. This was where I came in…

Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes

There was a generous amount of blueberries topping the pancakes as well was within the pancakes themselves. Unfortunately it came with a bit of syrup already on the pancakes – I prefer the syrup on the side. Nevertheless, the pancakes were delicious! They had a nice crisp exterior with a light tasting interior. I can see why everyone comes here for the pancakes… delish!

Since we weren’t in the mood for coffee, we looked into the other beverage options. They have a nice tea selection, so we decided to share a small pot of Cream of Avalon – An Earl Grey blend with hints of bergamot and caramel ($3.95). I could taste a slight caramel flavour and the tea was the perfect complement to our scones.

Overall, I had a great experience at Mildred’s. Everything we ordered was delicious!  Although it might be a little out of the way for some of you, it’s definitely worth a trip for a nice leisurely brunch.

Tea time!

At a glance:

  • Great brunch spot
  • Best dishes: scones & pancakes
  • Located in Liberty Village
  • Nice patio
  • Ratings (out of 5):

  • Food: 4.5 stars
  • Service: 4 stars
  • Atmosphere: 4.5 stars
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    1. Teena in Toronto (Reply) on Wednesday 21, 2011

      I went to the old location on Sudbury Street a few times but haven’t been to the new one … can’t really call it “new” anymore, I guess, since it’s been there for a few years.

      • Jess (Reply) on Wednesday 21, 2011

        Can’t comment on their lunch and dinner, but they do a pretty solid brunch. Worth checking out.