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My friends and I were taking a stroll down King Street deciding what to have for dinner. We were debating between Big Smoke Burger (formerly known as Craft Burger) and Lou Dawg’s. When we saw a sign outside Lou Dawg’s saying “$5 wings after 5pm”, we were sold. It must have been a Monday evening special to bring in customers since the place was completely dead.

Pulled pork sandwich

My two friends went with the Pulled Pork Sandwich ($6.95). For an extra dollar, you can add coleslaw to your sandwich, which they call the “Po’ Boy Option”. You can also make your sandwich a combo for $2.99 which includes a small side and a pop.

Since I really like variety, I decided to go with the 3 Meat Slider Sampler ($9.95) which consisted of a brisket, pulled pork and chicken slider with a side of potato salad and coleslaw. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the brisket or the chicken. The chicken was incredibly dry and bland. Maybe if it was a bit more saucy, I would’ve eaten more than a bite out of this. Similar to the chicken, I also found the brisket on the dry side. It wasn’t as tender and fatty as I would’ve liked. The brisket here definitely can’t compare to the brisket sandwich at Black Camel. Thankfully, the pulled pork fared better. It had a nice smoky flavour and had the perfect amount of sauce.

3 Meat Slider Sampler – pulled pork, brisket and chicken

I really enjoyed the two sides the sampler came with. The potato salad contained large chunks of potatoes and had a honey mustard dressing. It was light and a nice change from the creamy potato salad I normally eat. I generally don’t like coleslaw, but this one was quite tasty. I particularly enjoyed it when I topped the pulled pork slider with it.

Since we opted for Lou Dawg’s because of the $5 wings, we had to order some wings of course. I inquired with the server about this special since you typically have to buy a drink in order to get the special. Surprisingly, there was no catch! So, we purchased an order of the Slow Smoked Wings – slow smoked and coated with a dry rub seasoning, which normally costs $8.95.

Slow Smoked Wings

These wings came with the whole wing – with the drumstick and the whole shebang attached. I don’t think the dry seasoning was mixed very well as some bites were more flavourful (and better tasting) than others. So, I’m a little undecided on their wings. But for $5 and no catch, this was great value!

Something that caught my eye on the menu was the Deep Fried Pickles ($5.95). I love pickles in any way, shape or form, so I had to order this. The pickles were cut length-wise into quarters and there were six pieces…equivalent to 1 ½ pickles (correct me if I’m wrong… my mathematical skills aren’t very solid!).  Sure, these tasted delicious, but at 6 bucks, this was a little steep compared to the rest of the dishes served here. For this kind of money, I could buy two whole jars of pickles!

Deep fried pickles

It’s never a good idea to order when you’re starving…so this would explain my order of a large Loutine – house-made gravy, local cheese curds, hand cut fries and pulled pork ($8.95). The portion was enormous and after it arrived, I knew ordering it was a bad idea. I was surprised by how generous they were with the cheese and pulled pork. The cheese was very gooey and it was so melted that I couldn’t even tell they were cheese curds. The gravy wasn’t anything special and I wasn’t a huge fan of the thick cut fries, since I prefer my fries thin and crispy.

When I started eating my poutine with ketchup, my friends were a little puzzled. Am I the only person who eats their poutine with ketchup? I really like the salty and sweet combination. Don’t judge… because my friends always do!

On the whole, I found the food to be decent but nothing special. Our server was okay but sometimes he wasn’t around when we needed him. The atmosphere here is pretty casual and I definitely wouldn’t recommend Lou Dawg’s for a first, second… or third date since everything here is so messy.

Loutine – aka the pulled pork poutine

At a glance:

  • Decent food but nothing special
  • Located on King between Spadina and Bathurst
  • Popular for take-out

Ratings (out of 5)

  • Food: 3.5 stars
  • Service: 3 stars
  • Atmosphere: 3 stars


  1. Teena in Toronto (Reply) on Thursday 25, 2011

    It’s been a while since I’ve been there. By your review, I won’t be rushing back.

    • Jess (Reply) on Thursday 25, 2011

      Yeah. Definitely wouldn’t go out of my way to come here, but the food wasn’t bad.

  2. ms. mortadella (Reply) on Thursday 25, 2011

    I’m with you on the poutine and ketchup coupling. Savoury and sweet perfection!

    • Jess (Reply) on Thursday 25, 2011

      Glad to know I’m not the only person out there!

  3. charles (Reply) on Thursday 25, 2011

    i’ve eaten here before and today we went again. the quality has come down alot. it’s my last time at this place.