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Our original plan was to go to St. Lawrence Market, but on the subway ride down to King Station, it dawned on us that the market might not be open on Sundays. Sure enough, after exiting the subway and consulting our phones, we discovered we were right and decided to go to Le Petit Dejeuner. Walking down King Street, we passed by Origin and made that our back-up plan in case Le Petit Dejeuner was packed, but since it was a quarter past two, we were able to get a seat.

Belgian Waffles

We were originally seated right behind the door in a tiny booth, but we both felt extremely cramped with our shopping bags, so we moved to another spot. The servers here were very friendly and welcoming. They all seemed genuinely happy to be working there, which made the experience really pleasant.

As for the food, I knew they were famous for their waffles, but I generally prefer something savoury for brunch. So, we decided to share the Authentic Brussel’s style waffle – “light, crispy and SO delicious” ($5.75). They really were light, crispy and SO delicious! These were definitely some of the best waffles I’ve ever had. However, I’m glad we ordered this in addition to our mains as this wouldn’t be at all filling, given the small serving size and how light these were.

Breakfast Crepe – “filled with three cheese mix, peameal bacon, two scrambled eggs & spuds”

For my main, I was debating between the eggs benny and the breakfast crepe. Since I always go for the eggs benny for brunch, I decided to switch it up and ordered the Breakfast Crepe – “filled with three cheese mix, peameal bacon, two scrambled eggs & spuds”($10.95). Unfortunately, this dish sounded a lot better than it tasted, as it really lacked flavor. Perhaps the filling could’ve used more seasoning. The crepe came with an apple slaw which I really enjoyed; it was something different and was quite refreshing. I think I should’ve just gone with the eggs benny, as after this visit my friends informed me that Le Petit Dejeuner does a really good one.

Smoked salmon omelette – “vodka smoked salmon and freshly cut chives”

Mike ordered the smoked salmon omelette – “vodka smoked salmon and freshly cut chives”($12). The eggs were cooked well, but taste-wise, it was just okay. It came served with toast and came with the apple slaw, which Mike also enjoyed. Overall, this was just a mediocre dish.

Overall, I was disappointed by most of the food except, of course, those waffles. Maybe next time I think I’ll supplement the waffles with the eggs benny instead.

At a glance:

  • Amazingly light and delicious Belgian waffles
  • Not a huge fan of the breakfast crepe or smoked salmon omelette

Ratings (out of 5):

  • Food: 5 stars (only for the waffles); 2.5 for the breakfast crepe and omelette
  • Service: 4 stars
  • Atmosphere: 4 stars
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  1. m (Reply) on Saturday 18, 2011

    I definitely recommend you give it another chance and try the eggs benny (either w peameal or smoked salmon) – easily the best in the city!

    • Jess (Reply) on Saturday 18, 2011

      I’ve heard from many people that their eggs benny dishes are amazing – I’ll certainly be back to give it a try.