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Inspired by his mother’s sweet cheese crepes, Andrey Verbitsky and his wife Natalie opened up Crêpe & Co (@CrepeCoCafe) last year on Queen West, just east of Dufferin.

The interior

The interior

Upon entering the cafe, you’ll instantly notice its warm and welcoming atmosphere. With sunlight pouring in from the floor-to-ceiling windows, warm brick walls and throw pillow-covered benches, you’ll feel right at home. Except you won’t get the smell of fresh crepes in the making in your house (if you do, I’m inviting myself over!). They also host live music nights as well as “Saturday Jazzy Afternoon Brunches” from noon to 3pm.

The interior

The interior

Andrey and Natalie wanted to bring a little piece of Europe to Toronto. One look at their menu and you can definitely see the European inspiration with dishes like the Ukrainian-inspired chicken kiev crepe, the French-inspired galette and Italian-inspired tiramisu crepe.

Crepe & Co.

Crepe & Co.

The menu is divided into sweet and savoury crepe offerings. They’re a licensed establishment which means you can enjoy a beer or glass of wine with your dish (wine pairings are recommended for each savoury crepe on the menu).

Mike and I were recently invited to check out their offerings. Here’s a look at what we tried:

An Americano & Cappuccino


My Big Fat Greek Crepe – with spinach, kalamata olives, cucumbers, red onion, tomatoes, olive oil and feta ($9.95)

My Big Fat Greek Crepe

Galette au Sarrasin – with egg, ham & swiss cheese with a side of bechamel sauce ($10.95)


Nutella Banana & Strawberry – sprinkled with hazelnuts ($8.95 + $1 extra for a scoop of ice cream)

Nutella Banana & Strawberry

My personal favourite was the My Big Fat Greek Crepe. Packed full of veggies and topped with a generous amount of feta, this is the perfect crepe for Greek salad fans!

With so many mouth-watering options, there’s a crepe for everyone here. Come and satisfy your crepe craving at  Crêpe & Co!

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*This was a complimentary meal. The opinions in the post, as always, are my own.*

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