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Elephant and Castle recently launched a new “Winter Warm Up” menu and I’ve got a $50 gift card to give away so you can try it!

According to their website, the Elephant & Castle is an authentic English pub concept that combines British Classics with North American favorites”. Since initially opening in 1977, they’ve expanded with over twenty locations across North America.

They have an extensive menu consisting of several sections: Snack & Share (including truffle parm potato crisps and pub pretzels), “The Poutinerie”, Pub Classics (including shepherd’s pie and bacon wrapped meatloaf), sandwiches/wraps, burgers and casual favourites (including curried chicken flatbread and jalapeno mac & cheese).

But let’s talk about the Winter Warm Up menu which is only available for a limited time. It’s an eclectic mix of items that will certainly hit the spot in this cold weather. Take a look:

Turkey burger – house made lean turkey patty on toasted brioche, with mayo, cranberry compote, leaf lettuce, red onion, and melted swiss cheese. served with your choice of side


Red Ale Braised Lamb Shankserved with a rich tomato pan jus, mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables


Miso Ramen Bowl fresh ramen noodles in a white miso stock with thinly sliced bbq pork, scallions and togarashi spice, red chili hot sauce on the side


Scotch Eggs soft boiled egg wrapped in seasoned ground pork with a crisp panko crust. red ale mustard sauce on the side


Bacon & Tomato Soup – with garlic grilled cheese croutons for dipping



Looks good, doesn’t it? I’m giving away a $50 gift card to the Elephant & Castle so one lucky reader can try it out for themselves! The giveaway ends on Thursday, December 11th at 11:59pm. A winner will be randomly selected and announced shortly thereafter. Enter via rafflecopter below:

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Good luck!

  1. Jacqueline (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    the scotch eggs!

  2. Stephanie (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    Scotch eggs, for sure.

  3. gina tse (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    mmm i’m a fan of a holiday inspired turkey burg! and the scotch eggs…nom nom!!!

  4. nicolas bello (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    All that stuff making me so hungry and lunch is still hours away…

  5. Steph (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    I love scotch eggs!

  6. laura (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    turkey burger

  7. david (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    scotch eggs

  8. David (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    Me too, the scotch eggs!! Thanks!

  9. Emily H (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    That lamb shank looks delicious!

  10. Alex (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    Very interested in the miso ramen soup!

  11. Margaret Imecs (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    Red Ale Braised Lamb Shank looks delicious!

  12. Katie (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    I want to try the Miso Ramen Bowl

  13. Janet B (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    Scotch eggs all the way!

  14. maria (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    The bacon and tomato soup

  15. Katie (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    Mmmm cheesy croutons look amazing! So do the scotch eggs!

  16. Mark Shannon (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    Definitely the Tomato and Bacon soup!

  17. Bons (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    I want to try the Bacon & Tomato Soup.

  18. Dickson (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    Lamb Shank…can’t go wrong with beer!

  19. Linda (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    Turkey burger

  20. Christina (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    BACON AND TOMATO SOUP! you can’t go wrong w/ bacon :3

  21. Dani Sukman (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    The turkey burger!

  22. bri (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    the turkey burger 🙂

  23. Shanondoah (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    I love Scotch Eggs!

  24. Marcy (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    I have been dying to try! It is on my list of places I have to go now that I’m new to the city!

  25. Marcy (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    On my list of places to tackle being new to the city!

  26. Sara D (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    The Scotch eggs look delicious!

  27. Eldon L (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    Red Ale Braised Lamb Shank

  28. Yuen C (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    Miso Ramen Bowl!

  29. Catherine Huculak (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    Turkey burger for me!

  30. Linda (Reply) on Thursday 4, 2014

    Turkey burger!