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For such a culturally diverse city, it’s surprising that there aren’t very many Indonesian restaurants in Toronto. One visit to the newly opened Little Sister (@littlesisterto) and I can guarantee that you’ll be craving for more Indonesian fare.

The bar

Located on Yonge between Davisville and Eglinton, Little Sister is brought to us by Jennifer Gittins and Michael van den Winkel who also own Quince Bistro just up the street.

The restaurant was a long time in the making but the result was worth the wait – the space is beautiful. It features a gorgeous bar near the entrance with floor to ceiling windows which fill the front of the restaurant with natural light.

The kitchen

The kitchen is located at the back of the restaurant which is separated by glass allowing you to peer into the kitchen. Everything about the restaurant just makes you feel as though you’re dining from street hawkers. The menus are even printed on pieces of cardboard boxes. I love the fun and casual vibe here!

The menu

As far as food goes, the menu is divided into several sections: skewers ($6 each), snacks ($4 to $10), traditional dishes ($11.75 to $15.75) and sides which include nasi goreng and fried cauliflower salad.

I was recently invited to a media tasting at Little Sister and was incredibly impressed with what they have to offer. Here’s a look:

Ubud Hangout  Tanqueray Rangpur gin, lime, jalapeno black pepper syrup, cucumber, fresh cilantro & orange

Ubud Hangout

Little Brother  Mount Gay extra old rum, lime, Bandreck syrup (house-made chai), Angostura bitters, mint & ginger beer 

The Little Brother

Satay Babi – pork & peanut sauce

Satay Babi

Satay Lilit – Balinese spiced chicken

Satay Lilit

Sumatra Spiced Beef Croquettes


Pangsit – Jakarta wontons, beef, green onion, chili lime sauce


Shrimp Lettuce Wrap – sambal, lettuce, coriander, cucumber pickle, crispy shallots

Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

Rendang Taco – beef, coconut cream, lettuce, pickled red onion

Rendang Taco

Semur Java – Javanese dark spiced braised beef, crispy potato, green onion

Semur Java

Babi Panggang – roasted pork belly, pickled been sprouts, fresh chili sauce

Babi Panggang

While everything was delicious, my personal highlights were the satay babi, pangsit, croquettes and babi pangang. All too often I find satay skewers dry and devoid of any flavour. This definitely wasn’t the case at Little Sister. The pork satay was incredibly moist and the peanut sauce had a delicious kick to it.

The pangsit bites were another favourite. Consisting of spicy ground beef wrapped inside a wonton wrapper, these were the perfect bar snack to complement our cocktails.

We also really enjoyed the croquettes. They had a nice crisp exterior without being greasy and the rich pulled beef filling was delicious. Be careful though, the filling is piping hot!

Another winner was the pork belly which was packed full of flavour. The belly had the perfect fat to meat ratio and like most of the other dishes we tried, it had a great kick to it.

Little Sister was a great introduction to Indonesian fare. With great cocktails, a fun vibe and delicious food, I’m already looking forward to my next visit!

*This was a complimentary meal. The opinions in the post, as always, are my own.*

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