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For the first time ever, Australian meat pies are available in Toronto! These delicious handheld pies are brought to you by Erynn Mayes and Megan Chan who co-founded Kanga (@EatKanga) in the fall of 2012.

Pie to go

Having both lived in Australia for a period of time, they realized what they missed most about the country was their handheld meat pies. Unlike the British-style pies we’re used to, Australian-style pies are topped with puff pastry, have more gravy and are usually taken to-go (as opposed to being eaten sitting down with a fork and knife).

The Aussie Pies!

After spending months perfecting their products, Kanga began making appearances at pop-up events such as the Toronto Underground Market (TUM) and the Field Trip Music Festival, where I first fell in love with their pies.

The co-founders Megan Chan and Erynn Mayes

Having had so much success at these pop up events, their pies will soon be available on a regular basis at Sanagan’s Meat Locker in Kensington Market and Hot Oven Bakery which has one location in Roncesvalles and another in Etobicoke.

To celebrate their retail launch, I was invited to their launch party this past Monday which was held at Sanagan’s, where they source their meat.

Preparing the pies

During the event, we sampled four of their pie offerings which are all made with high quality ingredients. They say the secret to their pies is in their all-butter puff pastry. After one bite of their pies, you’ll understand. Their buttery, flakey pastry is really something!

Here’s a look at what we tried during the evening:

Traditional Aussie Meat Pie – minced beef in a rich beef, tomato and vegemite gravy (they recommend eating this one with ketchup)

Traditional Aussie Meat Pie

Butter Chix Pie – (mild) chicken curry in a creamy tomato sauce

Butter Chix Pie

Steak & Bacon – with steak and bacon braised with Amsterdam Nut Brown Ale and a savoury gravy

Steak & Bacon

Creamy Zucchini – roasted zucchini and caramelized onion in a garlicky cream-cheese sauce

Creamy Zucchini

While each of the pies were fantastic, my favourites were a toss-up between the traditional pie and the creamy zucchini. Yes, I said creamy zucchini.  It’s something I’d never order because, let’s be honest, if steak and bacon is an option, this carnivore is ordering that. But wow, this creamy pie was perfection.

So, what are you waiting for? Do yourself a favour and get yourself an Aussie meat pie!

Where to find the pies:
Sanagan’s Meat Locker, in Kensington Market

206 Baldwin St Toronto
Available starting Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hot Oven Bakery in Roncesvalles
177 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto
Available starting Saturday, September 6, 2013

Hot Oven Bakery in the Kingsway
2974 Bloor Street West, Etobicoke
Available starting Saturday, September 13, 2013

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