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You can’t go to Paris without getting a crepe! We wanted to try the best crepes the city had to offer and after doing a bit of research, Breizh Café seemed to fit the bill.

Located in the Marais district, Breizh Café also has locations in Tokyo and Cancale (the Brittany region of France). Who would’ve thought the best crepes in Paris would come from a chain?

Breizh Cafe

The space is small so reservations are highly recommended. If you don’t have a reservation and want to eat during peak times, be prepared to wait. We dropped by around 2pm to find the place packed. We made a reservation for an hour later at 3pm for a late lunch.

“Breizh” translates to Brittany and we noticed that most of the ingredients on the menu came from the region. There’s also a noticeable Japanese influence including Japanese translations on the menu.

Some of the savoury crepes

All the savoury crepes are in the form of buckwheat galettes made from organic buckwheat flour. The extensive selection of galettes range from simple butter galettes to seafood specialties which include toppings like artisanal smoked herring and caviar.

For my savoury crepe, I ordered the Complète with Smoked Ham Galette – sunny side up egg, raw milk gruyere cheese and smoked ham from Basque Country (8.50€).  The galette was thin and had nice crispy edges. I loved the runny yolk which spilled onto the rest of the galette when cut into and enjoyed the nuttiness from the gruyere. They were generous with the cheese which ensured that each bite had some cheese in it.

Complète with Smoked Ham Galette

Mike went with the Bretonne Galette – sautéed mushrooms, gruyere cheese, scrambled egg, bacon, farmhouse crème fraiche and peppers (11.80€), which was equally delicious. It consisted of the same great batter with high quality ingredients. After digging into our savoury crepes, we understood why Breizh Café receives so much praise.

Another thing I loved about these crepes was that despite how heavy they sounded on paper, they tasted quite light and didn’t leave you feeling sluggish. So, you’ll definitely have room for dessert!

Bretonne Galette

Breizh Café has a great selection of sweet crepes including many chocolate variations which use Valrhona chocolate. Ice cream can also be added to your crepes for something a little more indulgent.

We went for a simple Salted Caramel Crepe – with Chantilly cream (5.80€). Unlike the crispy savoury crepes, the sweet crepes have a chewier texture to them.  I absolutely loved this crepe. Simple but sooo delicious! Their caramel sauce is top notch.

Salted Caramel Crepe

So, did Breizh Café live up to all the hype? You bet! While we didn’t have many crepes in Paris, I can guarantee you’ll leave Breizh Café satisfied!

At a glance:
• Known for serving up the best crepes in Paris
• Located in the Marais district but has other locations in Tokyo and Cancale
• Small space; reservations are recommended (unless you come during off-hours)
• English-speaking servers; quick service
• Closed Mondays/Tuesdays; Open from noon through dinner Wednesday to Sunday

Ratings (out of 5):
• Food: 4.5 stars
• Service: 3 stars
• Atmosphere: 3 stars

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