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“Where can I get the best croissant in Paris?” If you’re like me, this was my first thought after booking my trip to Paris. Having read great things about the pastries at Blé Sucré, this bakery was at the top of my list.

Located in the 12th arrondissement, it was a bit of a trek from our hotel but that’s never stopped me before. We woke up early and took the subway over. You’ll want to get here early to avoid disappointment. If you come later in the day, it’ll be slim pickin’s!

The exterior

Blé Sucré has a cute little store front which faces a small park. It has an unpretentious interior which gave off a neighborhood bakery kinda vibe. There’s no seating inside but they have a few tables outside.

In addition to their famous pastries, they also had some beautiful desserts. As tempted as I was, we were here for breakfast and so, we only stuck to the pastries.

Our breakfast

The first thing I got my hands on was the Croissant. It did not disappoint! It was so light and flakey – after eating it, I had croissant flakes covering my jacket. Now that’s how you know it’s a good croissant.

The Croissant

The croissant had a nice crunch when first bitten into and the layers had an incredibly buttery taste without being greasy. It was easily one of the best croissants I’ve ever eaten.


Everywhere we went, Mike had to order a Pain au Chocolat. We were quite impressed with this as well. Like the croissant, it was light, flakey and just so damn good.

Pain au Chocolat

After falling in love with the Kouign Amann at Dominque Ansel Bakery in New York, I couldn’t resist ordering one at Blé Sucré. While it was quite different from the “DKA” at Dominque Ansel, I enjoyed it almost as much. The “DKA” is more croissant-like while the kouign amann here reminded me of a palmier…much denser and less fluffy.

Kouign Amann

This kougn amann consisted of many, many sweet, flakey and caramelized layers which crunched each time I bit into it.

Kouign Amann

Along with the two coffees we ordered, this was more than enough food for breakfast. But you must all know by now that I have no self-control whatsoever. So…I added a package of Madeleines to our order.

In my defense, Blé Sucré is supposed to have some of the best madeleines in Paris. They come in packages of four moist little buttery cakes and what sets them apart from other madeleines is their thin sugary glaze.

A Madeleine

What a difference the glaze makes! I’m not usually a fan of madeleines since they’re a little boring in my opinion. But the glaze makes them more like a doughnut. And I love doughnuts! Order some coffee with these little bites and you’re set.

I was drawn to Blé Sucré because of their croissants but I couldn’t have been happier with all the other treats we ordered. Don’t miss out!

At a glance:
• Cute little bakery with a neighborhood-feel
• Located in the 12th arrondissement
• Open Tuesday to Sunday from 7am; closed on Mondays
• Must orders: croissants and madeleines

Ratings (out of 5):
• Food: 4.5 stars
• Service: N/A
• Atmosphere: 3 stars

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