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There’s nothing fancy about this Brooklyn Bakery and you certainly won’t find any “gourmet” donuts here but for $1 each, their delicious donuts are amazing value!

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

Located in Greenpoint (Brooklyn), Peter Pan Bakery has an old school feel to it. It actually kinda feels like a diner with stools around a counter where you’ll find servers serving up coffee. During our visit, I could tell there were a lot of regulars who frequent this spot.

The interior

As I mentioned, these aren’t gourmet donuts like the ones you’ll find at Doughnut Plant. The options are a little more mainstream like coconut, white cream and jelly-filled but they do have some interesting flavours you won’t find at your usual chain donut shop.

In addition to donuts, they have breakfast sandwiches, coffee and other baked goods like muffins. If you drop by in the summer, treat yourself to a donut ice cream sandwich! Decadent, eh?

Some of the offerings

The service here isn’t exactly the friendliest… maybe they’re a little nicer to the regulars. But I’ll put up with that for the $1 donuts!

We started off with a traditional Honey Glazed Donut ($1). According to Serious Eats, one of the blogs I frequent, they have one of the best glazed donuts in the city. While I haven’t tried enough donuts in New York to make the same claim, it did live up to the hype.

Honey Glazed Donut

The yeast donut was unbelievably light and fluffy with a thin layer of honey glaze. One of those donuts that are so light that you don’t feel guilty after eating it.

Next up was the Apple Crumb Donut ($1). I couldn’t pass this one up since it looked so promising! It had a generous sugar crumb topping on it with an apple filling in the centre. The crumb topping was piled so high, I had trouble taking a bite out of it.

Apple Crumb Donut

This doughnut tasted like an apple pie but in the form of a donut. I’m certainly a fan!

Apple Crumb Donut

Our third and last donut was the Red Velvet Donut ($1). It was a cake donut which was moist, not overly sweet and lightly glazed. It was a good donut but nothing mind blowing.

Red Velvet Donut

Red velvet seems to be one of their specialty flavours since they have several other variations of red velvet doonuts including a red velvet cruller.

Red Velvet Donut

Overall, I enjoyed the donuts at Peter Pan Bakery. The cheap price points didn’t hurt either. However, I’d only recommend dropping by if you’re in the area. Unlike Doughnut Plant, I wouldn’t go out of my way for these donuts.

At a glance:
• Located in Brooklyn (Greenpoint)
• Old school bakery which has a diner feel to it
• Cheap, tasty donuts – $1 each!
• Good donuts but I’d only recommend dropping by if you’re in the area (not worth a long trek)

Ratings (out of 5):
• Food: 3 stars
• Service: 1 star
• Atmosphere: 1 star

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