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DT Bistro (aka Dessert Trends) occupies a cute little spot on Harbord between Spadina and Bathurst. The restaurant, which looks like it’s been converted from a house, has large windows with French doors. Despite the dining area not being very large, it has a very bright and airy feel to it.

Chorizo and Egg Skillet – baked with potatoes, chorizo sausage, bell peppers with a side salad

Upon entering the restaurant, I was mesmerized by their dessert display case, filled with beautiful cakes which made my mouth water. Too bad Mike and I were here for brunch.

I decided to go with the Chorizo and Egg Skillet – baked with potatoes, chorizo sausage, bell peppers with a side salad ($16). It came served in a mini cast-iron skillet and my mouth instantly started watering after it was placed in front of me. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything else good to say about this. I wished the eggs were less cooked as I prefer my eggs on the runnier side. They were pretty much cooked the full way through. The eggs also had a plastic-like exterior to them. I’m not sure if this is what eggs are like when they’ve been baked, but it wasn’t appetizing at all. Everything else about this dish was just underwhelming. And the most disappointing part? Spending $16 on it…

Mike’s dish, the Potato Pancake with Smoked Salmon – with sour cream and a side salad ($16), fared a lot better (thank goodness!). When it was first served, I was a bit disappointed since I was expecting a crisp latke-like potato pancake. It didn’t look crispy at all… and it wasn’t. However, we both really enjoyed the chewy texture of the pancake. The dish came with a generous portion of smoked salmon, which allowed us to enjoy every bite of pancake with a morsel of the salmon. Overall, a pretty good dish.

Potato pancake with smoked salmon – with sour cream and a side salad

While leaving the restaurant, the dessert display case caught my eye. Too bad none of the desserts had any prices. Since I was pretty full, I decided to just grab a chocolate and espresso cookie to go. It didn’t have a price either, but I didn’t think it would be more than a couple bucks. The cashier rang it in and my jaw just dropped when I saw that it was going to cost me $5.09. I can understand a restaurant charging that amount if they’re serving you a cookie to eat inside the restaurant, with maybe some ice cream. But $5 for a cookie wrapped in seran wrap? Walking out of the restaurant, I thought to myself that this better be one amazing cookie. But it wasn’t… it didn’t taste very fresh and was quite dry and crumbly. Not impressed.

DT Bistro exterior

Overall, I thought DT Bistro was a little hit and miss. I think our mistake was coming here for brunch and not for their desserts.

At a glance:
• Cash and debit only
• Bright and airy atmosphere
• Food was hit and miss, but didn’t try their desserts

Ratings (out of 5):
• Food: 2.5 stars
• Service: 3 stars
• Atmosphere: 4 stars

  1. Amy (Reply) on Sunday 4, 2011

    Whoa $16? That’s freakin’ expensive, lol. And it wasn’t even good. I’ve been here twice for their dinner + desserts. Their desserts are amaaazing! Their food, not so great. I’ve never tried their cookies before but $5 is unbelievable. Their cakes range from $7.50-8.50.

    • Jess (Reply) on Sunday 4, 2011

      Yeah, I really regret coming for brunch. Should have only came for desserts… minus that ridiculously priced (and mediocre-tasting) cookie!

  2. Karen (Reply) on Sunday 4, 2011

    i heard their desserts are yummy but have yet to try

    will def try to stick wit the desserts when i go

    • Jess (Reply) on Sunday 4, 2011

      Sigh, that’s what I get for going to a place called “Dessert Trends” and not getting any dessert!