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A while ago, somebody recommended Crêpes à GoGo to me. He informed me that they made some of the best crepes in Toronto. After my first visit, I had to agree and have been back here several times since. Located in Yorkville, it occupies a small and cozy space. It’s always pretty busy so we usually end up seated on stools and eating at a small counter. Although seating is limited, I wouldn’t recommend take-out, unless you plan to eat it immediately.

The Parisienne

The restaurant has a very authentic feel to it as the servers have French accents and you can hear them shouting the orders in French to each other. At Crêpes à GoGo, they don’t serve you their crepes on plates with a fork and knife. Instead, the crepe is wrapped in brown paper sleeves and served in baskets. If you’re eating in, the server comes by, puts the crepe in your hand and peels away the paper bag for you to eat. Be careful when taking your first bite, it’s extremely hot (as I learned the hard way…).

I’ve tried some of their sweet crepes before, but my favourite is their savoury Parisienne – scrambled eggs, swiss, mushrooms, threads of red onion & filaments of dill ($9). Mike and I try to never order the same thing when we’re eating together and we always end up fighting over who gets to order this one. The last time we went, we gave up and just ordered two of these. The combination of the perfectly cooked scrambled eggs, swiss, mushrooms and red onion are to die for and adding the dill just gives the crepe that extra bit of oomph. Sure, you can’t go too wrong with ingredients like these, but the crepes on their own are perfection – light and not too thick or spongey.

The Dark chocolate crepe with strawberries & bananas

On another occasion, we tried the Tova – Sour cream, threads of red onion, filaments of dill & smoked salmon ($9.50). Although this crepe wasn’t bad, it couldn’t compare to the Parisienne. I wasn’t a huge fan of the smoked salmon in the crepe since it became extremely hot from the griddle… I don’t know about you, but I’m not a huge fan of smoked salmon when it’s really warm. However, Mike really enjoyed this… but I think he’s a little easier to please than me. He says I’m difficult. I say I’m “particular”.

As for their sweet crepes, we usually go for the Dark Chocolate – with sticks of original French Bakers chocolate ($5). You can add fresh strawberries or bananas to your crepe for $1, or $1.50 for both. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that we always opt for both! As I mentioned earlier, the contents of these crepes are ridiculously hot, so be careful!

On my most recent visit here, the servers were giving the customers a free sample of Limonana – a pure lemon and mint refresher. After a sip, I was sold and had to purchase a bottle of this. At first, I didn’t think I would enjoy it since the drink smelled so strongly of mint, but surprisingly, the taste of it wasn’t quite as strong.

Crêpes à GoGo's Limonana

The owner of Crêpes à GoGo actually makes and bottles this drink and you can purchase it in several specialty stores around the city. Apparently, you can drink it warm too, like a cider. Not sure how much I would enjoy it warm, but the cold Limonana was deliciously refreshing!

If you’re ever in Yorkville looking for a snack, Crepes a GoGo is definitely worth a visit. 

At a glance:
• Some of the best crepes in Toronto
• I recommend the Parisienne crepe
• Usually quite busy; occupies a small space
• Located in Yorkville

Ratings (out of 5):
• Food: 4.5 stars
• Service: 4 stars
• Atmosphere: 4 stars

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