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To start off my long weekend, I dropped by Bonjour Brioche for brunch with Chris. I wanted to come here a couple weeks ago but unfortunately they aren’t open on Mondays and ended up at Lady Marmalade instead. This time, we came by on a Friday.

We arrived close to one and found a small line outside. Since there were a lot of tables finishing up, we were seated in less than ten minutes. The interior of the restaurant is small and felt a little cramped. It was also quite hot out and felt a little stuffy inside, so we opted to sit on their small side patio.

Baked French Toast - with fresh fruit & maple syrup

As I’ve mentioned before, I love going out to eat with Chris because we always lean towards the same menu items. So, we always just order a couple items to share. The first thing we knew we had to order was their Baked French Toast – with fresh fruit & maple syrup ($8.50), which I’ve heard great things about. They use thick slices of cinnamon bread and top it off with powder sugar. It was quite heavy and dense in the middle and had the consistency of bread pudding. Since I don’t like bread pudding, I wasn’t a huge fan of this French toast. The one time I actually enjoyed bread pudding was at BLD, and that’s only because theirs was more like a French toast.

Despite the bread pudding consistency of this dish, I still enjoyed the outer parts of it, which weren’t quite as eggy and heavy. Chris had exactly the same thoughts. Like I said – similar tastes! The serving came with two thick slices of French toast and I was surprised by how large the serving was given how heavy the dish was.

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs – with chives, rosti potato, creamed horseradish and caviar

The other dish we ordered was the Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs – with chives, rosti potato, creamed horseradish and caviar ($10). The eggs were cooked perfectly and the combination with the creamed horseradish was delicious. I especially enjoyed the fish roe they topped the dish with. It provided the eggs with a nice bit of flavour. Although the rosti potato on its own didn’t have too much flavour, it was the perfect complement to the eggs. This dish was served with two slices of baguette with a large slab of butter on the side. Topping the baguette with some of the scrambled eggs was quite nice. However I found the baguette’s crust to be a bit too chewy for my liking.

Although Chris and I were both stuffed, I couldn’t resist trying one of Bonjour Brioche’s desserts when I saw the server bringing around the dessert tray to show the customers. I was debating between one of the tarts and the flourless chocolate cake. Since they had such a great selection of tarts, I thought it must be one of their specialties. Our server recommended the Raspberry Tart ($5), stating that it was his favourite, so we went with that. It was served with a side of whipped cream, which I didn’t find necessary for the tart. I really enjoyed the crust (I love tart and pie crusts!) and the custard and raspberry filling was decent. Overall, not a bad tart. Unfortunately we were just too full from the French toast to stomach more than a couple bites of this (and the taste of it wasn’t good enough for us to stuff ourselves silly).

Raspberry tart

So, I enjoyed some items more than others. I can see why some people love the French toast here – definitely recommended to bread pudding lovers… I’m just not one of them. Luckily, I enjoyed the rest of the dishes we ordered. Overall, this was a good experience – good food and awesome service (our server was extremely attentive, provided suggestions and was very personable!). Next time I’m in the area, I’ll definitely have to give some of their baked goods a try.

At a glance:
• Order the French toast if you like bread pudding
• Great selection of pastries and desserts
• Small side patio
• Cash only
• Closed on Mondays

Ratings (out of 5):
• Food: 3.5 stars
• Service: 4.5 stars
• Atmosphere: 3.5 stars

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