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On a Saturday evening, Mike and I made plans with another couple for brunch the next day. Even when it’s just me and Mike going out for a Sunday brunch, we often have to wait. Given that there’d be four of us, we decided to try Le Select Bistro, since I knew they take reservations for brunch. Since it was the evening before, the only time they had available was 10:30am (when they open on Sundays). I was surprised that the person on the phone told me they only had a table available at 10:30, since it didn’t appear too busy to me during our entire meal here.

Freshly baked croissant

Le Select Bistro has a nice patio, which was open during this visit. We opted to sit inside though, as it was already starting to get really hot. I really love the atmosphere here. It’s relaxing and is just a great place to have a conversation. As I mentioned in my previous Le Select post, the décor reminded me of Pastis, a French bistro in New York.

I started with the Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice for $4.50, which was served in a small champagne glass. I can never resist freshly squeezed orange juice at brunch! Everyone at the table was also served complimentary bread (the same kind which was served during my dinner here a couple months ago). They were served warm and tasted really nice with the butter.

Since we didn’t know we were going to be served bread, Mike and I ordered a Freshly Baked Croissant($1.95) to share. They weren’t super flakey and although it was a decent croissant, it wasn’t anything special. If you’re looking for a good croissant, I’d recommend Pain Perdu on St Clair, which makes some of the best croissants in the city!

Croque-madame – the classic gratinéed sandwich with ham and cheese, served with frites

I noticed they have a foie gras French toast dish here. I wondered how Le Select’s version is compared to Hoof Café. When I had it at there, I found it to be way too much for brunch (it’s just too early for so much foie gras!), so I didn’t consider ordering it here.

I considered getting the eggs benny (which comes served on a croissant), but decided to go with the Croque-madame – the classic gratinéed sandwich with ham and cheese, served with frites($14.95). When I was in New York, I remember drooling over people eating the croque-monsieur/madames, so I decided on this over the eggs benny. I inquired with the server about the difference between the Croque-monsieur and the madame and he informed me that the madame came with a sunny-side egg on top. Of course I had to go with the madame (which cost $1 more than the monsieur). A fried egg on top of anything just makes it so much better.

Pain doré aux pommes –French toast stuffed with apples and cranberries served with Canadian Maple syrup

The croque-madame was really heavy (particularly cholesterol-heavy!). When it was served, it was glistening with the oil from all the melted cheese on top. The dish was essentially a ham sandwich, covered with melted cheese and all topped with a perfectly cooked egg. It was a delicious dish, but I only managed to eat about half. The croque-madame also came with a side of frites, which I also really enjoyed. They were crispy and well-seasoned, just like the first time I came here.

Mike ordered the Pain doré aux pommes – French toast stuffed with apples and cranberries served with Canadian Maple syrup ($11.95). The French toast was made with a two-inch thick piece of brioche bread. I love brioche bread, and making it into French toast just makes it even better. Le Select Bistro’s was no exception. Although the toast was nice, I wasn’t a huge fan of the stuffing, since I don’t particularly enjoy cranberries, but Mike really enjoyed this dish!

Omelette au chèvre et aux champignons

The other couple we were dining with ordered the Omelette au chèvre et aux champignons – seasoned goat cheese omelette with fine herbs, served with a mushroom medley and young bok choy ($13.95). I was surprised to see that this dish came with bok choy, as it seemed out of place at a French bistro! Nonetheless, they enjoyed this dish. The other dish they ordered was the Oeufs et saucisses fermières – two eggs any style with house-made breakfast sausages and rosti potatoes($13.95), which they both also really enjoyed.

My second visit at Le Select Bistro was another enjoyable experience. I found it to be a great brunch spot, particularly for its atmosphere (although the food was good too!).

Oeufs et saucisses fermières

At a glance:

  • A great French-bistro atmosphere
  • Patio at the front of the restaurant
  • Takes Sunday brunch reservations

Ratings (out of 5):

  • Food: 4 stars
  • Service: 4 stars
  • Atmosphere: 4.5 stars

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  1. Amy (Reply) on Sunday 17, 2011

    LE Select has been on my list since forever! I’m really jealous that you’ve dined at all these wonderful places.. 😛

    • Jess (Reply) on Sunday 17, 2011

      Haha. It certainly takes a toll on the wallet 😛 I’ve been to Le Select for brunch and dinner – both very nice experiences. A solid french bistro!