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Warning: Not for vegetarians or those trying to get in shape for the summer! Porchetta & Co has a small and simple menu featuring, you guessed it, porchetta! So, what exactly is porchetta? Based on their website, their porchetta is made follows: marinating pork shoulder for 24 hours, wrapping it in prosciutto and subsequently wrapping it again in cured pork belly.

Porchetta Breakfast Sammy - porchetta, baked egg, crackling and smoked gouda

We decided to come here for lunch on Mother’s Day since we expected most brunch spots to be packed. The place is tiny and is really meant to be a take-out joint as there are only about 6 stools for those wanting to eat in. It seems like it’s pretty popular with take-out customers as there were quite a few people ordering take-out during our visit.

I ordered the Porchetta breakfast Sammy – porchetta, baked egg, crackling and smoked gouda. After noticing this special of the day written on the sign outside their restaurant, I was sold. How could this combination possibly taste bad? This was served on a warm, fresh sourdough bun – the same bun which the regular sandwiches are served on. The bread was great for soaking up the egg yolk when it broke after biting into it. The meat was really moist and packed full of flavor. The crackling added that perfect bit of crunch to the sandwich. I love cracking… I could eat that stuff like chips. I really like the fact that they ensure there’s a bit of crackling on each sandwich.

Porchetta Sandwich - with mushrooms and rapini

Mike ordered the Porchetta sandwich ($5.95). He added mushrooms and rapini to it ($0.75 for each extra topping). The mushrooms and rapini on the sandwich was such a great combination. They really know what they’re doing over here at Porchetta! The mushrooms in particular were cooked really well and were very aromatic. This sandwich really didn’t need any condiments whatsoever although I’m not sure if this would still be the case if we hadn’t added the extra toppings. They have complimentary mustard on the counters. Sauces such as the tomato ($0.25) and truffle sauce cost extra ($.075). Next time, I want to try the truffle sauce!

At a glance:

  • Delicious sandwiches… order the breakfast sammy if it’s available!
  • Toppings cost extra ($0.25 to $0.95 each)
  • Cash only
  • Limited seating – only about 6 stools available
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    1. Samantha Shetty (Reply) on Tuesday 17, 2011

      This place was so good. Nick talked me into going and it was so worth it. I loved the crackling too!

      • Jess (Reply) on Tuesday 17, 2011

        Yeah, it’s really out of the way (which I guess is a good thing…), but definitely worth it!